Flowers, hummingbirds, and Peruvian peppers

We have a lovely bunch of zinnias growing alongside peppers in one of the raised beds. They’re tall and colorful and have been attracting Ruby throated hummingbirds – a delight to watch! They’re also lovely as cut flowers. Here are a few pictures:




Some of the peppers plants have made comebacks after a slow start – we’ve been harvesting jalapeños, poblanos, and a few cayennes. Habaneros are just about to start ripening. I may be most excited about the aji dulce plants, which have plenty of fruits on them now. We first tried aji in Peru last year, where it is one of the most popular local peppers, and since it’s very hard to find them in stores, it will be fun to try and recreate some Peruvian recipes with these cute little chiles!