March in the mountains

It’s been a balmy spring and things are starting to get exciting for our new little garden in Oakley!

Pepper sproutsThe pepper seeds got off to a very slow start – I came close to dumping out the whole tray and starting again, but after moving to a new sunnier location they are thriving. There’s something absolutely delicious about watching that first growth sprout forth in a windowsill. I especially enjoy the tiny white loops of stem just barelypoking up through the soil, hardly visible at all. I’ve also started tomatoes, which germinated much more quickly and seem to be happy so far.

Raised bedsJeff did a fantastic job building our raised bed frames, too. We’ve got twp 4′ x 12′ x 1’frames this year, and plan to plant them intensively (I’m not sure if it’s the same thing as square foot planting, but maybe someone can clear that up for me?). A delivery of organic topsoil was supposed to come earlier in the week but got pushed back until this weekend. As soon as I get back from a work trip this weekend, I plan to plant lettuce and spinach if all goes according to plan!

The garden folks left before us is teeming with tulips and…strawberries! The strawberries’ rhizomes are everywhere and there are already delicate white flowers tucked away under the glossy green leaves. Yum!


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