God made dirt…

6 cubic yards of topsoil
…and dirt is awesome! (I still cringe at the term after my college soils teacher indoctrinated us with the motto that “dirt is a four-letter word.”)

What is this, you may ask?

This, my friends, is 6 cubic yards of organic topsoil (minus three wheelbarrow-fuls), delivered after a lengthy ordeal and deposited – THUMP! – into a corner of our gravel driveway.

I ordered the topsoil going on two weeks ago, but things kept getting in the way of delivery – weather, work schedules, or the guys just failing to show up. Can’t beat the price, though – $30/yard!

The delivery truck arrived this morning and was bigger than I thought it would be. After several failed attempts to pull around into the side yard (where our raised bed frames are eagerly awaiting), the pile of soil ended up getting dumped out pretty far from the beds. We are now in the unfortunate position of needing to move the whole pile around to the side yard. My hubbie moved 3 loads (out of ~30? ~40?) today and was tired out. Yeesh!

This is the limiting factor…as soon as we get the soil into the beds, planting can commence! Stay tuned…


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