There’s something magical about the first spring living in a new home.

Well, to be more precise, living in a very old home where many generations of people have put their own touch on the yard.

I’m constantly amazed and delighted at the beautiful flowers and herbs bursting up everywhere around our house. StrawberriesOccasionally I’ve been less than thrilled (think: english ivy, bittersweet, poison ivy galore). Yet even those have been outdone by tulips, irises, daffodils, hostas, and daylilies. Best of all…a huge patch of strawberries in the side yard which must have at least 200 blooms on them by now. I can’t wait until they’re ripe!
little white flowers
Speaking of lovely surprises, does anyone know what these little flowers are? They grow by our side door and I don’t recognize them. Comment below if you know!


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