Topsoil rant

OK, bear with me for a second. I mentioned in a previous post that we had ordered a whole bunch of organic topsoil from a local supplier. Well, it’s proving not to be so great, and I am very frustrated. I probably should have checked it out before ordering so much. Anyway, lesson learned, and I may as well share that lesson with anyone else following this little ole’ blog!

So, the soil we ordered is gray and doesn’t drain well (formed a sort of hard-pan when it rained recently) and forms big massive hard clumps. I did take a soils class in college and my best guess is it’s heavy on the clay, and the gray color would indicate a sort of wetland soil.
We’re adding some nice compost with manure (“Moo-nure” – classic!) that I picked up at Home Depot until we get our own compost pile going. However, who has tips on what to amend poorly draining soil with? I was thinking sand or coarse mulch…what do you think?

Also, I found a fork in the pile of supposedly finely screened topsoil. Suspicious. Do you think we should be worried and check it for contaminants…who knows what else these guys may have gotten wrong?

OK, done ranting. Thanks for listening. I hope all your gardens are doing great!


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