Storms, strawberries, and other news

What a week!

On Thursday, two huge storms blew through our area. The first caught me on my way to work; the second hit after I was long gone on a work trip. My husband was around, though, and heard the excruciatingly loud crash as he was in the shower. He came out and saw that the top third of the ominous silver maple that had been looming over our roof since we moved in had fallen. Of all the locations it could have fallen (the roof, the garage roof, our cars) the tree managed to find the one sliver of yard where it damaged hardly anything (except a portion of the garage gutter – $15.00 repair, max?)

Downed tree

Downed silver maple

So we worked in the garden with an adrenaline rush of gratitude toward the powers-that-be that our home is still intact. Talk about productive!

For one, we had a dog boarding in our yard this weekend. We’re thinking of getting a dog of our own, so it was fun to see how a canine friend can “help” with yard chores- wheelbarrowing, making piles of sticks, etc.

Tomato sprouts

Sunny boy and brandywine

Second, our niece and nephew came over today and helped out a lot! Together, we planted a second round of spinach and lettuce, transplanted the tomato seedlings into bigger pots (pictured) and started cantaloupe, pumpkin, and some okra. They also picked our first bumper crop of strawberries, which are small but SO sweet you’d think they were dipped in confectioner’s sugar.

We capped it all off with a couple of delicious meals! I’ll be sure to post again as the garden progresses. Have a great week, everyone!


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