The groundhog buffet

Last weekend, I went to the Western NC Herb Festival, where a bounty of locally grown herbs, flowers, shrubs, and veggie plants go on sale every year around this time! I came home smiling with arms full of parsley, cilantro and rosemary, and the plants were happy and healthy in containers on the back patio. I also brought home some new coneflower plants, loving their tall, pink, aster-like blooms. I haven’t decided where to plant them yet.

ALAS! A nefarious groundhog which we’ve been seeing slipping under holes in the back fence thought these plants looked tasty, too. I came home to a terrible sight three evenings ago…all my leafy green herbs chewed off down to the base. This is war, Mr. Groundhog, war…

Herb container garden

Parsley, Cilantro and Rosemary bought at the Herb Festival

Herbs and flowers
My lovely container plants look so happy!

Groundhog aftermath
Not for long – a neighborhood groundhog thought they looked tasty


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