Hardening off

According to every gardening book ever, I should “harden off” my indoor seedlings before planting them in the garden. I’ve been working on this project for the last few days, with mixed results.

The pumpkins, newly sprouted only a few weeks ago, seem very happy to get outside in the real sunlight:
Pumpkin seedling 2012

Basil’s also pretty happy. I still haven’t decided whether to plant it in my veggie garden or in pots along the back porch (where the groundhog likes to frequent).

We’re growing bell, jalapeno, and poblano peppers. All of them seem happy, though they haven’t grown much in a few weeks. I’m hoping when they get in the ground they’ll put down some roots and excel.
Pepper seedlings

Unfortunately, the tomatoes I transplanted a little late seem a bit water-logged…perhaps this is what folks call “damping-off”? They’re getting a bit yellow and seem too moist, though I haven’t watered them an awful lot.
Tomato seedlings

Tomorrow: they’re goin’ in! The garden will be planted. I’ll definitely post again soon. Happy gardening, everyone!


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