If at first you don’t succeed…

It’s been a long time since I added a post, and there’s much to say! Lots has been going on in the garden, but I’ve been so busy with work that I’ve barely had time to keep up with the garden, let alone post about it.

Tomato plants

We gave in and bought plants after the seedlings were drowned in a storm.

A few weeks ago, my husband helped me plant the – rather puny – tomato and pepper seedlings out in the garden bed. They had never matured like I wanted them to indoors (too little sunlight? too much/little water? Who knows. Not me) but I figured perhaps they’d perk up when they could dig their roots into some real soil outside.

Unfortunately, two days later a storm system dropped more than an inch of rain on us in one afternoon…good for most of the plants, but bad for the fragile little seedlings, which were totally covered up and drowned by the wet soil. So…time for plan B!

Tenderpod beans

Happy bean sprouts…these are a purple variety from a local organic seed supplier.

The pumpkins had done fine, so I ended up just getting tomatoes (several varieties) and peppers (jalapeno) at the local farmers market. The new tomato varieties are Brandywine, Roma, Grape, and Cherokee Purple. We’ll see how they do.

Meanwhile, the pumpkins and cantaloupe trasnplanted from indoors seem to be ok, and the wildflower mixes we planted directly from seed are sprouting up nicely (beneficial attractant mix and a zinnia mix, just for color). As for the direct-sown beans…they are happy as can be! We’ll probably have to space them out soon, and then shortly after that will be able to climb up to visit the Green Giant (or would, if they weren’t bush beans).


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