The perennial parade

I’m in the North Carolina Mountains,
just to the west of where I met my calling.
If you look south to the foothills of these mountains rising,
that’s the place where it feels good falling.
That’s the place that I know…

Oh little perennials
where’d you come from?- The Indigo Girls

Perennial bed in May

The perennial garden in June

Lovely colors keep splashing themselves across the yard with no help from me! I love the perennial garden someone (or someones) planted here before me, and just hope I don’t do anything to discourage them with my decidedly un-green thumb.

I’m working on a project to catalog what blooms when, and where…in June we have yellow lilies, white allium, the hot pink lamb’s ear-type plants, a few red hot pokers still blooming, clematis, and the remainder of the roses. Soon to bloom are purple coneflower and some sort of tall spikes with hot pink lily-like blooms. How lucky all these plants are here!

To try to make it easier for them, I’m working on clearing out the clover, dandelions and other weeds growing everywhere in the flower garden, then putting down mulch. It’s starting to look, bit by bit, like somebody loves this garden.

Somebody does.


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