Tree woes

In April I mentioned a silver maple had come down in heavy winds. After about a month of having the tree trunk and limbs scattered throughout the yard, and the remainder of the tree looming ominously over the corner of our house, we called some professionals to come take a look. I’m so glad we did…the man who came out to give us an estimate was very nice, and clarified some property rights issues for us, meaning that we could also take out an invasive tree of heaven leaning mostly over our fence from the neighbor’s side! (This also gave me an excuse to go and meet the neighbor, who was glad to be rid of the tree anyway).

So, one morning we left with the yard looking like this:

Before tree work

Silver maple before the arborists came out.

We returned later that evening to find both trees gone! We had also asked the guys to leave the maple stacked as firewood (and get rid of an unsightly old pile of firewood that had been in the yard when we moved here). Win-win-win!

Silver maple stump

The silver maple is no more!

Wood pile

A nice store of firewood for when we get our fireplace/wood stove set up.

The place looks a little different, but I think we both like it better. The yard feels more open and there’s not the ever-present threat of a tree dropping limbs or its whole trunk right on our roof. I’d definitely recommend the arborists to anyone in the area who needs some tree work done!


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