Summer resolutions

Happy longest day of the year!

All this daylight energizes me, and it makes me wonder why we only make resolutions at New Year’s, when the days are dark and our spirits are low – no wonder we’re doomed to fail! Starting this year I propose a new custom: resolutions made on the summer solstice, to be fulfilled throughout the long, warm days ahead. Here’s my own list:

  1. Spend every possible waking minute outside. I have a growing fondness for my front porch…we don’t have any patio furniture out here yet, but the yard is lush and green and sitting here enclosed by the wooden fence I’m reminded of Burgett’s characters discovering for the first time their own secret world.
  2. Take weeds less seriously. One could spend a whole life weeding and never be finished…it’s a work in progress! I vow not to eat into my relaxation time seeking after weed-free perfection.
  3. Eat foods that make me feel good. The last thing I want during a beautiful afternoon is to be lying inside with a stomachache. I’ve gotten into some eating habits lately that have left me in this pickle. This summer I’ll eat more fresh, local summer produce (hopefully lots from our garden!), eat what sounds good and stop when I’m full. It should be a delicious few months…I can’t wait for ripe tomatoes and squash!
  4. Go on adventures. As much as I love my garden, there are mountains to explore (and other places, too!) This summer I promise myself to hike, pick blueberries, find a swimming hole, and try something new (zip line? water skiing?). And I want to go out of town at least once to someplace I’ve never been.
  5. Stop and smell the roses. I want to focus on living with awareness and purpose, taking time to reflect, and shedding routines and habits that are no longer needed.

“We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.” – Thich Nhat Hanh


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