Two combo recipes…mmmm

Recently, I’ve been buying whatever looks good at the tailgate market in my neighborhood (or using items from the garden), then searching online for recipes that might bring them together into something delicious. This weekend, I had two victories in reinventing dishes that I pieced together from various places. Before I forget them, here are the recipes:

Lacinato kale, Delicata squash, and Corn salad

Kale–corn-delicata squash salad
2-3 delicata squash
2 ears corn on the cob (can be omitted, if you like)
1 bunch lacinato kale
Ingredients for dressing

Roast delicata squash, using this recipe
Meanwhile, boil corn on the cob. When cool, slice it off the cob.
Prepare lacinato kale, using this technique. I added lots of red pepper flakes.
Combine all together with dressing, and massage with hands. Chill for a few hours. Mmmm!

Chicken pasta a la Nine Mile
There is a fantastic restaurant in my hometown called Nine Mile. I salivate just thinking about it. This recipe is based on a dish called “Jamaican Me Thirsty,” but this time, I used spaghetti squash instead of linguine (note: my hubby did not like the substitution, though he liked the dish. For those of you whose families love pasta – I’d go with pasta).

Pasta cooked al dente, or baked spaghetti squash (here’s the squash-baking technique I used)
1 package thin-sliced chicken breast
Zucchini, coarsely chopped
Red bell pepper, coarsely chopped
Onion, coarsely chopped
Garlic, diced
2-3 fresh jalapenos, diced
Jamaican Scotch bonnet powder (or other hot sauce)
Pasta sauce (I used Prego, which is our go-to sauce)
Flour, salt, pepper, vegetable oil

Heat about 1 tbsp. vegetable oil in a frying pan. Blot chicken with paper towels and dredge in flour, salt, and pepper. Wait until oil is visibly smoking, then add chicken and cook, flipping halfway through, until browned on both sides and done in the middle (about 7-8 minutes).

Remove chicken from pan, add more oil if needed. Add onion, garlic, and jalapeno and let cook until onion is softened. Add zucchini and red bell pepper. Meanwhile, cut chicken into bite-size pieces once it is cooled enough to handle.

Add pasta sauce and as many shakes of Scotch bonnet powder as you can handle to the pan (we like spicy food, tried adding 2 shakes to the whole dish, but ended up complementing our own bowls!) Add chicken. Let dish simmer for 10-15 minutes until all ingredients are done cooking. Serve over shredded spaghetti squash or cooked pasta.

Yumm! Thanks, bloggers and gardeners everywhere, for letting me borrow from your recipes and from your harvest.


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