A quiet moment

Autumn is often a time of increased commitments, at least for me. A time when politics, events, holidays and work, however worthwhile they may be, eat into the peaceful hours of the day. This year has been especially tough, with political issues and campaigns weighing on everyone’s minds.

It’s too bad, beause it’s also the best time of year to stop and reflect. Yesterday, when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed, I promised myself to stretch my time less, leaving more quiet hours to stop and enjoy the wonders of fall. To let the warm gold light of afternoon sun replace the dull throb of fluorescent lights…

Window view

Maple leaves are golden through our side door windows.

…To ponder the efficiency with which nature saps the last sweet sugars from each leaf and flower…


Insects visit a late-season goldenrod

Ornamental grasses

Nature’s last hurrah

…to appreciate the slight wind through drying leaves and splashes of color turning up in the most unlikely places…

Virginia creeper

Virginia creeper vines growing up the fence shine crimson red.


…to reacquaint ourselves with the open views afforded by bare limbs, and try to count the momentary hues painted across the landscape by hickories, poplars, maples and sassafras…


Sassafras shows off its fine fall color.

…to wonder if that fleeting silhouette overhead is a bird, or the final flight of a maple leaf…

Maple leaves

Watch the maple leaves fall….

…to rest in the peace of the world, for once letting go of the need to be moving, working all the time…


Resting for a few minutes

…to learn from the masters of reflection, who never trouble themselves with the turmoil of human governments and economies, who see each movement outside the window as a new miracle.

Reflecting cat

No one can gaze upon a fall scene like a cat

Wishing you an autumn that’s not too busy to squeeze in some reflections of your own.


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