A compost bin at last

This post should actually be called “I love my husband.”

Cleared space for compost bin

It was hard work clearing invasive vines and trees to make way for the compost bin in the southeast corner of our yard. (Please ignore the guys constructing a house next door).

Back story: I don’t think of myself as someone who nags a whole lot (my husband might beg to differ), and yet when it came to the construction of a wooden compost bin, I have spent the last nine months in shameless nagging wife mode. Don’t ask me why – he certainly didn’t do anything to deserve the incessant guilt-tripping and questioning about when the bin could be ready. I am not proud.

Still, he muddled through this poor treatment, and yesterday finally came up with a plan and built a beautiful cedar frame! I don’t know which is more admirable – the beautifully crafted resulting bin, or putting up with my nagging these many months.

SO – we have a compost bin! And, this was inspiration to me to clear out a little area that was overtaken by a variety of invasive vines and trees. As you see in the pictures, it’s actually next to an old compost structure left by previous owners, which we’ll eventually take down, as there’s no knowing what type of toxins might be in the lumber (and the contents are questionable, too). I spent an hour and a half pulling up honeysuckle, tree-of-heaven, english ivy, and a few other vines and small tree species – what a task!

Compost bin in place

The beginnings of the compost bin.

Meanwhile, my husband put the compost bin together out of cedar boards we picked up at Lowes. Cedar is beautiful, and apparently, doesn’t weather like other woods. Eventually, there will be a hinged lid and a front panel that can slide in and out (for easier scooping of compost ingredients into the bin). Now, to read about how best to compost – your tips welcome! I’ve also got a great book, which I will post a review of soon.


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