Mothers Day, and the garden’s planted

Tomatoes planted

Tomatoes found their new home in the garden on Tuesday evening.

A mountain farmer told me a few years ago that Mothers Day is the ideal date to plant your warm season crops in these hills. According to Wikipedia, in the United States Mothers Day always falls on the second Sunday in May. Seems like sensible country wisdom, though with the cool wet spring we’ve been having this year I was a little nervous putting my tomatoes, beans, and peppers in earlier this week…almost mid-May and we could STILL get a cold snap!

Nevertheless, I went for it!! Our tomatoes and peppers have enjoyed a week of light rain in the still-soggy soil from 3 or 4 inches of rain last weekend. Between tomato rows I planted marigold seeds a friend provided. I also sowed our beans – they will fit in between the cucumber trellises. We planted strike snap bean and Romano #14 this year, both bush bean varieties.

Pink dogwood blooms

Pink dogwood blooms add a spot of color to a green front yard.

It seems a good time of year for a day celebrating mothers, when Mother Earth is all in bloom. It’s a time of year I miss my own mom, and remember all the beauty she added to this world.


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