How do you support your tomatoes?

I had a dream last night that overnight, our tomato plants grew to 10 feet tall and had giant tomatoes the size of basketballs on them. While that’s not the case, they are growing happily thanks to warm weather and plenty of rain, so I need to begin thinking about how to prop them up.

I am looking for ideas and suggestions of the best way to support them. Specifically, I’d like something that’s easy (ie, I don’t have to have construction skills or special equipment) and effective. I’ve always used the cheapie wire cages, but I’ve been doing some reading into all the other techniques and am open to changes.

A couple of sites I looked at:
Better Homes and Gardens – 15 Fun Ideas for Growing Tomatoes
Master Gardeners Tomato Staking Techniques Evaluation

Comment below and let me know what you think!


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