Rabbit Wars, continued

On May 21, I wrote about the woes of a yard full of rabbits.

Since then, the situation has…shall we say…escalated. After a brief moment of affection for the tiny baby rabbits nibbling on clover in the front yard one morning (who DOESN’T love baby bunnies???) I quickly came around to the cold, hard facts: more mouths to feed equals more garden damage. Especially since the entire warren is located in the overgrown back part of our perennial garden (adjacent to the strawberry patch and the raised beds).

The last straw, though, was the demise of our flourishing bush bean seedlings.


Early June bush beans - NC Garden Gals

Before: happy bean plants!


Rabbit damaged bean plants - NC Garden Gals

After – poor little plants!

I reached out online and got all kinds of suggestions, from placing a bag of used cat litter near the garden (which I will try, since there is an abundance of said substance in our household) to RabbitGuard fencing (which we had already purchased). I also looked into packaged repellents like LiquidFence, but quickly thought better of the idea when I realized how potentially toxic some of the chemicals might be – not in line with our organic approach to gardening.

Now we are about halfway through installing the first RabbitGuard fence, which has been really easy and looks quite attractive in the garden! I will keep you posted as the efforts progress.

Rabbit fence in progress - NC Garden Gals

RabbitGuard fence going up!


One thought on “Rabbit Wars, continued

  1. GAH! Poor bean plants!!!!! 😦 I hope you get the problem worked out quickly and easily!!!!!! Thanks for avoiding the toxic chemicals! 🙂

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