Tomato supports — installed!

After hearing from several of you (via Facebook or email), I decided on my dream solution (home-made twig / branch / bamboo cage tied together with string) (thanks, Meredith!) and also decided on my 2013 solution based on affordability (last year’s tomato cages, DOUBLE-sterilized).

Aside: This year’s tomato plants are the best EVER grown in my garden! I really hope they survive and are fruitful, but either way I am learning.

Both last fall and just before installation, I cleaned them with a strong bleach solution. I think I also used soap in the solution last fall. Hopefully, the early blight will not find these gorgeous plants! Next year, homemade branch cages tied with twine will reign the garden.

June tomatoes

Happy tomatoes (pre-caging)

Tomato cages 2013 photo

Caged tomatoes…a bit of man-handling was required, but hopefully they’ll do ok.

Tomato cage from above - NC Garden Gals

Looking down – quite a plant! Hopefully she doesn’t get the early blight this time around.


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