Our yard, the jungle

It’s only early June, and already the incessant, enthusiastic growth of all beings that can photosynthesize is escaping my ability to control.

With plentiful, drenching rain and hot sun, everything is taking off. That is, everything that rabbits, groundhogs and squirrels DON’T like to nibble.

It’s hard to keep up with all the needs of the yard and garden, especially having been out of town the last few weekends. Things are getting a bit out of hand. However, the lush conditions have some upsides – all plants are thriving, both good and bad!

The June Jungle’s blessings and curses:

Blessing: this year’s tomato plants are happier than any I’ve ever grown. I may start preventative spraying with Serenade to prevent early blight from starting up since it’s been so wet.
Tomatoes and yellow lilies

Curse: Vines of all sorts are taking over every corner of our yard. Lemon balm may be pretty and smell nice, but it forms dense thickets and crowds out everything else.
Vines and lemon balm

Blessing: June flowers are now in bloom, a refreshing burst of color!
Lilies and hydrangeas

Blessing: At least some of the “weeds” are blackberry and raspberry vines, which look like they’ll bear fruit this summer! Baby tomatoes are already on their way to ripening.
Berries and tomatoes


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