Rainy day projects

It’s another rainy weekend, but luckily there have been enough breaks in the clouds to work on a few garden tasks, indoors and out.

This year, our two cayenne pepper plants are simply loaded with peppers – yet, because of all the rain, they just won’t turn red. I recently talked to a few farmers at local tailgate markets and learned that the peppers can be picked green.

Since we had hoped to dry the red cayennes and grind them to make homemade red pepper flakes, I’m going to try ripening them indoors. According to several websites, they are climacteric just like tomatoes and bananas – that means these fruits will continue to ripen once picked in the presence of the plant hormone ethylene. I decided to give it a try! I picked about a pound yesterday, popped a banana in the bag (bananas give off a lot of ethylene while they’re ripening), and rolled up the top!

Green cayenne peppers

A bounty of cayenne peppers, plucked green – now for an indoor ripening experiment!

Meanwhile, it’s time to go ahead and plant fall seeds! It was a bit too rainy to prepare the bed yesterday, so I took inventory of the seeds we have.

Fall seeds photo

Time to take inventory – it’s already time to start some fall crops in the garden!

Collards, chard, spinach, kale, broccoli, lettuce – oh my! There’s limited space so I may have to prioritize – it would be lovely to plant them all! The bed I plan to clear out (hopefully today, if the weather holds) currently houses a few marigold plants, failed bell peppers and one volunteer Roma tomato plant left over from last year. I’ll work in some more compost and then plant away!

Late summer 3rd bed

Soon the home to a host of fall crops.


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