Sowing the seeds of fall

And, they’re in!

Yesterday morning I cleared out sections of several raised beds that could be spared, including some “placeholder” marigold plants I had put in after the spring lettuce finished up. I transplanted a few of these to other parts of the yard, and we’ll see how they do. We had some Kickin’ Chicken manure left over from the spring, so I worked the rest of that bag into the cleared sections.

Midday brought rain and plenty of it. Meanwhile, I double-checked my timing. According to NC Cooperative Extension, mid-August is perfect for crops that need to be in place about 10 weeks before the first frost date.

Finding a break in the rain yesterday afternoon, out I went, armed with seed spacing requirements and my packets of seeds! In went fall crops. Mmm, so excited to watch them grow…

I planted collards underneath the cucumber trellis. The cukes will be over before too long, but in the meantime I hope the collards will get enough sun.

Collards planted


Lettuce planted

Buttercrunch and black-seeded simpson

Spinach planted

Martha Stewart (organic) and ??? (from a seed swap last year)

Kale planted

Dwarf blue curled scotch

Once the other summer crops wrap up, we can do a second planting of fall crops….possibly in a couple weeks. Hooray for leafy greens!

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