November calm

There is something open, new about November light.

Though the hours are shorter, through the bare limbs of trees an expansive world takes shape. A world of sky and distant mountain ridges previously hidden. Each hour of daylight brings a slightly different view.

The view out my windows gives me great peace of mind these days. Over the past few weeks, leaves have been raked, grass has been mown one last time. Dead pepper plants, black and rattling in the wind, pulled up and replaced with a layer of straw. Though there is still plenty to do, it feels as if the garden has mostly been “tucked in” for the winter months.

Garden bed November

The pepper bed is cleaned up and tucked in for the winter.

I have to say, a break is nice!

Still, green leafy things are feeding us well this week. Lettuce, chard, and collards love the nightly frost that tints their shades of green with a blue-grey sparkle.

Lettuce and chard - November

Lettuce and chard love this November weather

Collards in November

Over the coming months, I’ll share recipes, tips, and plans for my 2014 garden. Wishing you and yours a happy, joyous Thanksgiving!


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