Frost and glimmer

Dark. That’s really the only way to describe this time of year, when it seems every waking, non-working hour is spent cozy indoors while the sky is black outside. Candles, strings of twinkly lights, roaring fires and glittering ornaments fill the spaces vacated by the sun’s rays.

Early morning is startlingly bright, though, especially when we wake to frost or – better yet – snow on the ground. So white it’s blue, the ground catches each sunbeam and scatters it back into the world.

Holly berries in snow

Holly berries in snow

The garden is dormant now, or if it’s not, we don’t check on it very often. One day soon I will go poke around in the yard, see what’s green and what’s crumbled and retreated underground. For now, it’s nice enough to hide inside and tip-toe out into the blue and white world every so often, feeling thankful every moment to have a warm place to call home.

November snow

Last week’s snow from our front porch


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