Birthday seeds

Hello – did you miss me? I haven’t posted much this winter, but new garden excitement is in the works…

Thanks to Meredith, a surprise came in the mail just before my birthday – a gift certificate to the local open-pollinated heirloom seed catalog, Sow True Seed! Hooray! It’s always fun to shop for seeds, but even more so when they’re already paid for. THANKS, Meredith and Jack!

On this snowy morning, I’ve been filling out my order form, and I’m about to send it in! I’m pretty excited about trying some new varieties and some standbys. Here’s the list:

  • “Muncher” cucumber – ” Use for slicing, snacking and pickling.”
  • Black beauty zucchini – “thin glossy skin gives way to creamy tasty flesh.” (Grew these last year … mmmm!)
  • Bronze Mignonette (head lettuce) – “An elegant splash of color for the bowl without the bitterness. Slightly frilled green leaves tipped by bronze wrap creamy hearts.”
  • Lacinato kale – “Italian darling …nickname: Dinosaur Kale….conjure images of prehistoric flora.”
  • Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch kale – “Heavily crinkled leaves make fine kale chips and hold up well after harvest.”
  • Arugula – “Perfect for spicing up a salad.”

As usual, I plan to buy plant starts for tomatoes and peppers. Next up: planning where to plant what!


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