Late winter pruning

With just over two weeks until spring, it is evidently prime time for pruning back landscape shrubs. Here’s an article I read about the types of shrubs it’s best to prune in late winter. I also looked up tips for the specific types of shrubs we have, including a smoke tree, butterfly bushes, roses, and blue spruce. Evidently, you’re supposed to wait to prune blue spruce until new growth starts appearing in the spring, but the others were fair game!

I am a terrible blogger, though – I neglected to take any “before” pictures before I started hacking away. Just picture the tree/shrub version of a bad hair day, and you’ll have a pretty good idea. Here are the “after” pictures:

Pruned smoke tree

The pruned smoke tree. Also, note our new energy star windows in the background.

Pruned rose bush

Pruned rose bush

Pruned butterfly bush

Pruned butterfly bush


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