Surprise – melons!

Remember the volunteer cucurbit plant that appeared in one of my raised beds this year? It’s been growing like crazy, even beginning to flower, and to be honest, I had gotten my heart set on it turning out to be a zucchini plant.

Giant mystery plant early June

The volunteer cucurbit: That escalated quickly.

The plant grew so big that I began to train it up a trellis, and it’s almost engulfed the structure already. Meanwhile, it begins to reveal its identity – small, round or oval, striped fruits. They look like watermelons or baby cantaloupes, though my friend Meredith pointed out they could also be pattypan squash. I’m not really sure where the seeds of any of those crops might have come from, but who am I to deny a plant that is clearly so happy in its surroundings? I’ll let it grow and see what it yields!

Cantaloupe or other fruit

The mystery fruit begins to reveal itself….


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