Pattypan squash

Scratch the melon theory – Meredith was correct! My mystery plant is, without a doubt, a pattypan squash.

If you don’t know much about pattypan squash (like I didn’t), it is a cute, squat summer squash reminiscent of a zucchini or yellow squash. Because of the scalloped edges they are sometimes called “scallop squash.” They come in yellow, white and green – ours appear to be green.

Cucurbit bed and yard

The plant is so happy that it may need multiple trellises to keep it from running off into the yard.

Pattypan squash - June

The first pattypan squash is almost ripe – now, to find some good recipes!

With fruits rapidly ripening, I got down to business and looked up some information on growing and using pattypans. Here are a few of the sources I found:

Unfortunately, because of their squat shape, I doubt these guys can be turned into “pasta” like zucchini. (This has become a favorite trick of ours in our semi-paleo household — more on that soon). Still, between grilling, roasting, and pickling, I feel sure we’ll enjoy them! I might just pick this first one and slice it up on my salad for lunch today.

Have you ever grown pattypan squash? What’s your favorite use for it in the kitchen?


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