These long, long days

The summer solstice is just days away, which means the daylight seems to go on forever. I love this time of year! I wake to light and sometimes even go to sleep before it’s fully dark. Fireflies are beginning their dance in the twilight hours.

The garden is magical this time of year. Here are some (almost) summer snapshots.

Arugula bolting

Bolting arugula – a sign of summer coming, and actually rather striking.

Bush beans in morning light

Bush beans are thriving, seen here in morning’s rays.

Bee on beebalm

Bee balm – aptly named.

Blackberries ripening

More blackberries this year, and I’ve staked them for easier access.

Coneflower 2014

Classic coneflower – a sign of summer’s arrival

Day lilies

Bright orange daylilies

First tomatoes

The first tomatoes of the year ripening

Pepper growing

Though this plant is supposedly a jalapeno, its first fruit looks suspiciously like a habanero

Pepper plants



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