Summer adventures in the garden

I hope summer is treating everyone well. Here, it’s been abnormally cool and wet, which finally led to the demise of my cucumber and gourd plants. I can’t say I was too disappointed about the gourds, as I was running out of ways to use them, and it freed up some nice space in the garden.

The apple tree in front of our fence has a bumper crop this year, despite several limbs that look dead. We’ve been taking turns using the 16 foot telescoping apple picker to pluck the rosy-colored fruits from the top branches – they’re crisp and tart, just the way I like them!

Apple picking - NC Garden Gals

Abundant apples from our tree.

Also abundant, but less pleasant, are yellow jackets. I mowed over a nest of them in our yard last week. Luckily, not many of them stung me, but they haven’t been easy to exterminate, even with harsh chemicals. Yikes!

In the space opened up by pulling out the gourds, cucumbers, and some bolted lettuce I had never bothered to remove this spring, I planted basil and a new batch of lettuce seeds. I’m hoping it’s not too soon to plant lettuce, since the weather’s been so cool. Soon it will be salad season once again!

Basil plants -NC Garden Gals

New basil plants in the ground


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