Wild Wet Western NC

The sun peeked out yesterday after a week of very wet weather.

Clouds parting - NC Garden Gals

A brief moment of sun among many days of clouds.

Sweeten Creek - NC Garden Gals

Sweeten Creek, the urban stream near our house, is flowing high.

In the meantime, things have been growing. Leaves have started to fall. Overall, the yard has gotten wilder.

Mushrooms – white ones, brown ones, shelf-like fungi on the sides of tree stumps – are everywhere. I wish I had taken a mycology class at some point. I’d love to know what this beauty – which I first mistook for a large, rotting apple full of worms – is called.

Driveway mushroom - NC Garden Gals

A mushroom that almost looks like a piece of rotting fruit.

I also met this elegant predator lurking near the raised garden beds as I sowed some collard seeds for the fall. The sycamore leaf made a good vantage point for her, but she may not realize her camouflage works better in the grass. It’s been such a buggy year, I’m sure she’s not going hungry out there!

Praying mantis on sycamore leaf - NC Garden Gals

Surveying the yard from her elevated vantage point.


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