Thawing & pruning

Oh – hi there! Long time, no see! Thanks for sticking around during a long winter lapse in my blog-writing. I was busy with blogging about a trip to New Mexico and Colorado, taking care of some personal issues, and, of course, the holidays. Plus, I confess, I haven’t thought much about gardening in the coldest months. Now, though, spring is just around the corner!

After a mess of a week last week (highs in the lower teens, wind chills below zero, freezing rain, sleet and ice coating everything), the high of 50 today seemed balmy!

Driveway ice - NC Garden Gals

Ice on our driveway this past week. Bring your skates!

I headed out today to take stock of the yard and begin to think about pruning. It’s the perfect time to cut back some shrubs and last year’s perennials, since most plants are still dormant but spring will be here before we know it.

One thing I’m thrilled about is that we finally have a finished compost bin! My husband built a lid that will hopefully deter critters who might want an old apple peel or veggie scrap:

Compost bin completed - NC Garden Gals

My husband built a lid for the compost bin. Operation compost is officially underway!

Combined with a lovely kitchen compost container I got for Christmas, the system is working beautifully so far. Can’t wait to generate some rich, fertile compost!

I spent some time cutting back butterfly bush, coneflower, and ornamental grasses today. A lot remains to be done.

Dead heading February - NC Garden Gals

In February, I’m cutting back last year’s purple coneflower and other perennials to make room for new growth!

Grasses need to be trimmed - NC Garden Gals

These decorative grasses are out of control. Trimming them is harder than you’d expect!

Not everyone has been inside huddled against the cold. Our neighborhood rabbit population appears to be alive and well, judging by the evidence left in the grass. Nature’s lawn fertilizer!

Rabbit droppings February - NC Garden Gals

Guess who’s been in the yard this bitter cold week?

I hope you are staying warm wherever you are. Less than a month ’til spring….


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