Sowing seeds and seeing sprouts

March has arrived and with it, a hint of spring! The first bulbs are showing themselves, though I begin to fear that last year, we inadvertently covered some bulbs with impenetrable landscaping fabric designed to keep weeds at bay. Still, I planted some NEW bulbs last fall, and they’re peeping above ground!

The tulips I planted last year are beginning to come up!

The tulips I planted last year are beginning to come up!

I have planted a few seeds in seed-starting mix and placed them in the sunny back window. I don’t have a very green thumb when it comes to starting seeds indoors, and also lack the ideal equipment (such as a grow lamp), but since I already have a number of seeds I figure it can’t hurt to try! In the starter tray are: cauliflower, broccoli, basil, cilantro, and parsley.

Daylight Savings Time arrived this week, and I’ve been taking advantage of it by strolling around the yard after work. To my delight, when I passed the raised bed where I planted garlic starts in the late fall/early winter – voila! They are springing up happily among the strawberry plants. I can already smell garlic sauteeing in the kitchen later this year…

Garlic sprouting

Garlic sprouting up in the strawberry patch.


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