The First Amendment

No, not free speech, although that’s great too. I’m referring to my activities this spring, the first time since we built our raised beds in 2012 that we’ve needed to significantly add material (other than a little compost and organic matter here and there) to the beds. And we’re doing it with a splash!

First, there was the lovely cover crop I planted in late September of last year, composed of rye and winter peas, which has excelled!

Cover crop closeup

The rye and winter peas stayed lush throughout the winter. Yay for fixing nitrogen!

This past weekend, I decided it was time to till under the crop so it had time to enrich the soil before we begin to plant anything.

Cover crop tilled

I gently turned under the cover crop and left it to enrich the soil.

What lies beneath - NC Garden Gals

A good sign: earthworms abounded in the beds where the crops had grown!

As if that wasn’t enough, I ordered a cubic yard of nice local compost from a company that picks up compostable scraps from local restaurants, and it was delivered this week! Our task for the weekend: to spread it out and work it in.

Compost delivery - NC Garden Gals

Mmmm, compost!

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