April’s soft, green glory

A few busy weekends of traveling, study, and work have left scant time for gardening and even less time for blogging! Yet April, I think, is the prettiest month in our little suburban backyard. All is freshly green, tulips add bursts of color here and there, and the tireless march of summer weeds has not yet begun.

Lambs ear and pink tulips

Pink tulips and lamb’s ear, freshly mulched. These are the tulips I planted last fall! Lamb’s ear needed a good spring cleaning to remove last year’s decaying leaves, but it now looks ready for a new year.

Thrift & irises

Creeping phlox (also called “thrift”) is a blanket of purple near our front garden gate, flanked by irises.

Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley. I tried to thin this patch last year, and a few transplants survived in pots, but there is more work to be done.


Coneflowers – come August, these will be spectacular!

Happy April!


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