Herbs, seeds and starts

Meanwhile, in the semi-sunny back window, seedlings are thriving (if getting a bit spindly).

Catnip seedlings - NC Garden Gals

Catnip–I’m so excited to have my own patch in the yard to dry and give to the cats!

Cilantro seedlings - NC Garden Gals

Cilantro (I’m 90% sure, though it could have gotten mixed up with parsley).

Cauliflower seedlings - NC Garden Gals

Cauliflower plants are just about ready to be transplanted outside, I think!

And just today, I started my cucurbit crops indoors to give them a little head start before planting them in the garden. I can’t wait to have fresh zucchini and cucumbers again this summer!

Cucumber and zucchini packets - NC Garden Gals

Cucumber and zucchini varieties started today.


2 thoughts on “Herbs, seeds and starts

  1. Hi Katie!

    Thanks for the beautiful, inspiring post! Where did you find your “sow true” seeds, if you don’t mind my asking? Sorry to hear about your water woes…. been there, done that… sounds like you guys have done a great job getting things under control!

    Hope to see you sometime, before too long….

    with love – patricia

  2. Patricia – yes, let’s get together soon! I got my seeds from their mail-order catalog, but I’ve also been to the nice (if small) retail space in downtown Asheville (146 Church Street) and I’ve seen them around at some health food stores, too.

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