What joy to come falling

(The rest of the lovely title poem here).

Mud puddle hoppingA nice, soaking rain means different things depending on one’s stage in life. To a child–mud puddle-hopping. To a gardener–a drink for plants. To a homeowner–moisture damage.

The rain today has been a little bit of each of these to me! The bad news was that our rigged-up stormwater system (a rain barrel at the corner of the house where rain had been entering the basement, connected to a hose) failed. The spigot at the bottom of the barrel just stopped working. So I came home to my husband ankle-deep in a puddle, trying to rig up a temporary system to get water away from the foundation. He actually got a pretty good series of tarps set up to funnel water downhill. Then, we went to the home supply store and got a couple extenders, ending up with something like this.

Stormwater fix - NC Garden Gals

Band-aid on a bigger rainwater problem…

I have to admit, the warm spring rainwater sliding down the slick tarp took me back to childhood and the joy of front yard waterslides.

For after all, the best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Despite the soggy, wet weekend, we managed to grill out twice, and I mulched the path in between the raised garden beds! After a bit of research I decided on cypress mulch (I spread newspaper underneath to hopefully keep the weeds down).

Mulched garden path - NC Garden Gals

Voila! Easier access to the veggie beds.

Spinach seedlings - NC Garden Gals

Spinach seedlings are loving all this spring rain.

I hope you’re getting just the right amount of rain where you are.


2 thoughts on “What joy to come falling

  1. Thanks, Meredith! I think I worded that part a little confusingly. There wasn’t a big pool of standing water in our basement or anything–we just knew that downspout’s location was a contributing factor to moisture issues in our basement, which is why we had the barrel rigged up. It just failed recently, so hopefully there wasn’t too much added moisture making its way down there!

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