Seeds, round 2

Yesterday, I planted another round of lettuce and collard seeds. The first group didn’t do much. I fear the seeds washed away in the rain before they could germinate, but no matter, we’ll just try again!

The flower garden and landscaping are still taking up a lot of my time. After several years of work, they are beginning to look truly under control, but there are still a few corners of the yard buried in vines. This time of year the overgrowth of weeds escalates quickly, so we’re trying to pull them out while we can! In one back corner of the perennial flower bed currently home to honeysuckle vine and dandelions, I hope to spread wildflower seeds and plant cosmos seeds my friend Autumn gave me last year.

Here are some photos of the prettier parts of the yard right now.

Oak leaf hydrangea

Oak-leaf hydrangea in the front yard!

Pansies in pots

Pansies in pots. They are loving all this rain.

Lily of the valley in bloom

Lily of the valley in bloom, doing much better now that they’re not crowded in the same bed with hostas.

Happy weekend!


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