A wildflower meadow

“Nature’s plan goes on with us and without us. Be patient. Those who plant seeds, play an intimate role in the experience of life. Connecting the miracle of a seed to the forces of earth and sky…brings immeasurable joy to one’s heart.” How to Grow Native Seeds

On Saturday, May 2nd, I planted an area of our perennial garden with native flower seeds! I really hope they do well.

First, I had to dig up a swath of dandelions (with plantain and goldenrod mixed in here and there) that was occupying the area. It was hot, yet satisfying, work. When done I was left with a big patch of newly turned earth!

Wildflower meadow area - NC Garden Gals

Behind the butterfly bush, a patch of soil waits to be planted with seeds!

I planted Sow True Seed’s Southeast Native Mix, using a few methods I found online to broadcast the seeds mixed in with sand. I had some seeds packaged in 2012, but since I didn’t expect a high germination rate from them, I mixed them in with a new packet from 2015.

Wildflower seed mix - NC Garden Gals

Seeds in a pail, ready to be mixed with sand and scattered!

After scattering, I carefully raked them into the soil and then walked over the area to press them in. Now I’ve been trying to water once a day (it’s been hot and dry) until they get going. Good luck, little seeds!


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