Berry good

It looks like a good year for the berries in our yard!

The blackberry vines are full of unripe berries. They do need some support to stand upright (our college dendrology professor called blackberries ‘tweeners,’ because they’re between a vine and an upright shrub), but it’s a daunting prospect to wade into the blackberry patch without full-body protection to stake them up, so I’ve been procrastinating.

Blackberries late May - NC Garden Gals

Blackberries waiting to ripen

A patch of raspberries that volunteered also looks promising. But I’m perhaps most pleased with what looks like another bumper crop of blueberries! Hopefully they birds won’t beat us to them.

Blueberries late May - NC Garden Gals

Promising blueberries

Thanks to some hard work and a great lawn maintenance helper, it’s now much easier to access the blueberries – a lot of pesky honeysuckle vines have been cleared from the area, as well as poison ivy, and it’s been mulched, too!

Border & mulch - NC Garden Gals

Border and mulch near blueberries

I’m dreaming of berry everything!


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