Impatience and overcompensation

If you’ve ever grown anything in the squash or melon family, then you know that it just takes one plant – maybe two – to supply a large family. These guys are usually huge and very productive.

I’ve been quite excited about growing zucchini this year (since I got the spiralizer and have been using it as a pasta substitute), and also cucumbers (the jars of pickles I put up in 2013 are starting to run out, so it’s time to make more).

Therefore, I was really disappointed when the seeds I started indoors did not transplant well to the garden. In a last-ditch effort, I sowed a few pickling cucumber seeds directly in the soil, but they did not seem to be doing much about a week ago.

In hindsight, I should have tapped into the patience a gardener has to practice daily and seen what the seeds would do. Instead, I rushed out to the garden supply store and bought a little pot of zucchini starts (5!!) and a little pot of cucumber starts (also 5!!!)

Zucchini from starts - NC Garden Gals

Several of the zucchini plants I bought last week at the garden store.

Cuke from start - NC Garden Gals

A cucumber plant from a purchased seedling…

Cuke from seed - NC Garden Gals

…and one of the cucumbers started from seed in the garden. It’s catching up quickly in size.

As fate would have it, one zucchini plant and two cucumber plants that I had started from seed are now thriving, and I’ve ended up with 4 total cucumber plants and 3 zucchini. Too many. (Stay tuned for whether I have the heart to thin out the plants to a reasonable number).

The moral of this story, I suppose: There is wisdom in waiting and having faith in growing things…


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