Coming home on summer solstice

We returned from a two-week trip out of the country just in time for the summer solstice, June 21!

How delightful to come back to a flourishing garden! Regular rain and rising temperatures were good to our summer crops – particularly the bush beans, squash, cucumber, and hot peppers. We’re harvesting the last of the lettuce now, along with beans, garlic and jalapenos….plus blackberries and blueberries galore! It won’t be long until squash and cucumbers are coming in, too.

Bush bean closeup - NC Garden Gals

Little beans are growing quickly.

Bush beans - NC Garden Gals

The bean patch.

Blackberry harvest - NC Garden Gals

We’re getting about a cup of blackberries every two days – yum!

Jalapenos coming in - NC Garden Gals

Salsa, anyone?

The zucchini aren't zucchini - NC Garden Gals

Hm. The “zucchini” I bought at a garden center are actually yellow squash. No matter, they can be used pretty much interchangeably!

June garden - NC Garden Gals

The garden is a jungle – weeds and intentional plants alike. Welcome, summer!


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