Garlic and other goodies

Our refrigerator crisper is filling up quickly with all kinds of garden bounty – broccoli, jalapenos, green beans, yellow squash, basil, lettuce, blackberries and blueberries!

It’s fun to dream up ways to incorporate all these great veggies into recipes, especially since we have some friends coming for the Fourth of July weekend to grill out and relax.

I’m especially excited about the garlic, which I harvested over the weekend. I already roasted one head and blended some up into a vinaigrette – delicious. I think garlic will have to become a regular in our future gardens.

Garlic harvest - NC Garden Gals

Our first year growing garlic – so exciting!

Cucumber plants  NC Garden Gals

The cucumbers need some pruning, they’re not quite growing up the trellis as I had hoped.

Pink coneflower - NC Garden Gals

I can’t get enough of the coneflower blooms this time of year!

Sweet potato plants- NC Garden Gals

Surprise! I forgot I had planted some sweet potato slips before we went out of town. Several of them survived…we’ll see if they were planted too late in the growing season.

I hope your gardens are green and glorious, too.


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