Squash transplant experiment

When we came back from two weeks out of town, I blogged about the zucchini plants I bought at the garden center turning out to be yellow crookneck squash! Sure enough, we’ve been harvesting the little yellow guys for a few days now.

But then, I noticed that my one zucchini plant grown from seed was also doing well! It was just so crammed up next to one of the yellow squash that I hadn’t even realized there were two plants there until I could see the fruits.

Zucchini plant - NC Garden Gals

Clearly a zucchini amidst the yellow crookneck squash.

This called for evasive action to allow the zucchini to flourish. After some research, I determined that transplanting a full-grown squash plant is iffy at best, impossible at worst. There didn’t seem to be harm in trying, though, as my other option was simply tossing the whole plant (immature fruits and all) into the compost bin. So I decided to give it a shot this morning. I’ll try to keep it well watered, cut off wilted leaves if necessary and see what happens!

Yellow squash, newly transplanted this morning.

Yellow squash, newly transplanted this morning.


One thought on “Squash transplant experiment

  1. I wonder if it might be a good idea to take off any buds/immature fruits for a few days, so that the plant can put its energy into the root system…..?

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