Clearing and clipping

It’s the time of year when plants in the garden begin to get a bit out of hand. Armed with a new, sharp pair of hedge clippers, a shovel, and quite a bit of elbow grease, I set out last week to do some summer tidying. (This happened before the nesting birds drove me out of the yard for a bit).

Before - a jungle of oregano - NC Garden Gals

Before: the perennial garden had become a jungle of oregano, wild mint, grasses, plantains, and rogue goldenrods.

Pile of cut back vegetation - NC Garden Gals

Grasses and spring’s collard plants, headed for the compost bin. I left the roots of the collard plants, thinking they might grow new tender leaves this fall.

Black eyed susan plants - NC Garden Gals

I splurged on some new black eyed susan plants for the perennial garden – they are some of my favorite flowers, and have done well on the other side of our house near the driveway.

After - pruned and trimmed - NC Garden Gals

After: oregano trimmed back, lambs ear dead-headed, leaving space for thyme and clearing the footpath for walking!

If the mockingbirds ever let me back outside, I’d like to mulch in the perennial garden and make sure the black eyed susans get a good drink of water…they’ve been out in some very hot weather this week, and I fear the worst.


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