Around the garden in August

Now that our front-yard mockingbirds have left the nest and gone their separate ways, I can finally work in the garden again!

Despite relatively dry conditions, and the arrival of a host of garden pests, this is a magical time of year for growing things.

Nasturtiums - NC Garden Gals

Nasturtiums are a splash of color in the front yard.

Back porch zinnias - NC Garden Gals

I love zinnias! These are brightening up our back porch.

Garlic chives - NC Garden Gals

I always thought these little white clusters were a decorative allium, until a friend recently pointed out that they look like garlic chives! I’ll definitely be snipping a few plants soon to use in the kitchen.

Scarlet runner bean - NC Garden Gals

Scarlet runner bean, running.

Spider & hydrangeas - NC Garden Gals

I spotted this delightful creation in front of the hydrangeas on the shady side of our house.

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