Jalapeño Harvest

The jalapeño plants are flourishing in the August sun, just as I’d hoped!

It had been two years since we last planted a whole patch of peppers, pickling most of them for a steady supply of tangy, mellow and flavorful toppers for tacos, casseroles and more. Last year, we didn’t grow jalapeños, because we were still working on the 2013 pantry supply. It appears that a two-year rotation is perfect for our household’s jalapeño needs!

Like in 2013, I used a simple, “unfancy” pickled jalapeño recipe. The process was even more seamless than two years ago thanks to a new, properly-sized canning rack for our big stockpot.

Ready for chopping - NC Garden Gals

Peppers from the garden, ready for chopping.

Chopped jalapenos - NC Garden Gals

After chopping these fellas for 30 minutes, I had to be very careful not to rub my eyes!

Jars & lids - NC Garden Gals

Ready to stuff the hot jars. I used a wooden skewer to push the contents down in the brine and remove any air bubbles.

Jalapeno jar - NC Garden Gals

The finished product (1 of 6 jars)

I simply can’t wait to pop open one of the jars this fall and begin enjoying these guys. The possibilities are endless: Top a bowl of chili or baked potato…sling a few on a taco…blend a few into a dip…or sprinkle them on a pizza, you name it, it probably goes well with pickled jalapeños.

Now, what to do with the continued onslaught of peppers in the garden? Of course, we’ll use some fresh, and I’ll probably freeze some. My husband and I are big fans of chipotles in adobo sauce, too, so we’re thinking of giving homemade ones a try on the Big Green Egg…


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