Pests & diseases

As so often happens this time of year, insects, diseases and other problems are beginning to show themselves in the garden.

My squash, zucchini and cucumber bed was way to crowded, so it’s my own fault that powdery mildew took hold of many of the leaves. Last weekend, I cut back most of the affected parts (including pulling up several whole plants), leaving a few healthy leaves. We’ll see if the plants produce any more squash! If not, I have to say, we have had our fill for the summer.

Yellow squash cut back - NC Garden Gals

I cut back the yellow squash and cucumbers aggressively to remove the parts that had succumbed to powdery mildew.

Warning: if you’re squeamish about insects, you may not want to scroll down to look at the next picture. We’ve had a problem with pesky orange beetles…I probably should know what these guys are called, as they look like common garden pests, but I can’t put my finger on it. They are about the size of a stinkbug and the color of an orange ladybug.

I got a close look at these guys in my kitchen, while washing basil – they were hatching on the underside of a basil leaf!

Garden pests hatching - NC Garden Gals

Needless to say, this leaf did not get mixed in with the pesto.

Of all things, the jalapeños, with their natural line of chemical defense, have been pest-free and producing pounds and pounds of peppers! After pickling 6 jars, we’ve decided to pick the rest red and try our hand at making homemade chipotles in adobo sauce. Yum!


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