Confession: I am terrible at keeping houseplants alive.

Outside, in the garden, plants get sun and rain to some extent, and can grow deep roots searching for nutrients if I didn’t plant them in exactly the right soil. Nature takes over and usually things go alright. But indoors, plants are entirely dependent on me – just enough light. The right potting soil. Enough water, but not a drop too much. They’re very demanding things!

A few of my houseplants had recently withered away, so I decided to get some new ones to take their places. Succulents were on sale at the hardware store, and although I know from experience they’re not quite as easy to care for as one might assume (being adapted for desert conditions), they seem pretty safe compared to, say, an orchid, and I already have enough philodendrons for a lifetime.

Here are the new “members” of our household!

Succulents - NC Garden Gals

Three new houseplants to brighten up our windowsills.


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