Freeing the forsythia, and other March adventures

The first change that happened in our garden in March was a big one. The black cherry on the east side of our property had to go…a scraggly specimen, it dropped a lot of nuisance fruits on our neighbors’ driveway (and into our garden, too).

As tree lovers it was a little sad to be responsible for one fewer tree in the world, but we’ll plant something smaller and more appropriate there eventually – maybe a redbud. Plus, it was thrilling to hear the giant “thud” as the arborists felled the cherry, expertly missing hitting our two blueberry shrubs.

Cherry tree final day

Goodbye, black cherry tree!

In the tree’s absence, it’s been easier to access the shrubs and neglected plantings where it once stood, and we discovered a small forsythia shrub in bloom! After cutting back some overgrown boxwoods, the little guy had room to breathe…I hope he will grow bigger next year.

Hidde nforsythia

Revealing the hidden forsythia

In early to mid March, I also worked on transplanting day lilies, irises, and lamb’s ear (which all grow happily in our yard) to more appropriate locations. (For instance, the lamb’s ear growing in the path between our raised beds had to go). Irises and lilies tucked behind the raised beds or right in front of the driveway gate (where they get squished anytime we want to close the gate) also had to move.

Unfortunately, right after I did this, a hard freeze came along. So out came sheets to cover up the sensitive, newly transplanted bulbs!

Covering transplanted bulbs.

Covering transplanted bulbs with a sheet protected them from a hard freeze.

Combined with clearing away leaves and cleaning up the back driveway a bit, this made for a busy March out in the yard…just in time for beautiful tulips to bloom all over our property. Have you been enjoying the return of growing things as much as I have?

Tulips about to open

Purple tulips

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